Creative Media

Why is the subject important?

Within the media curriculum, students learn to understand how information can be presented to meet differing purposes and audience needs as well as how the method of delivery can impact on the way in which we present ideas and messages. They also learn to make use of desktop publishing software and photo editing software and how this can be used in the publishing industry to present content for different purposes. Finally, they will carry out a project and an assessment on creating their own publication for specified purposes and audiences using the tools they have learnt. The course prepares students for further study or work in the publishing industry.

BTEC Creative Media Production

What will I be studying?

Component 1: Exploring Media Products

Learners will develop their understanding of how media products create meaning for their audiences. Learners will examine existing products and explore media production techniques.

Component 2: Developing Digital Media Production Skills

Learners will develop skills and techniques in media production processes by reworking media products from one, or all, of the following sectors: audio/moving image, publishing, interactive design.

Component 3: Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief

Learners will apply and develop their planning and production skills and techniques to create a media product in response to a client brief.

Career Links

Careers – Career pathways journalist, print journalist, digital journalist, editor, sub-editor, designer and researcher.

Employability skills – Equips students with being effective communicators, teamwork. Identify and handle ethical, social and legal issues.

How will I be assessed? 

Component number Component title GLH Level How assessed
1 Exploring Media Products 36 1/2 Internal
2 Developing Digital Media Production Skills 36 1/2 Internal
3 Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief 48 1/2 External


The three components focus on the assessment of knowledge, skills and practices. These are all essential to developing a basis for progression and, therefore, learners need to achieve all components in order to achieve the qualification.

There are four grades at Level 2 – Pass, Merit, Distinction, Distinction*.

Which examination board am I following?

Pearson BTEC Tech Award Creative Media Production –

Which websites should I use to support my learning?

Magazine Design: Exceptional Layouts and Covers

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