My Child At School & ParentPay

Trinity Academy is striving to become a paperless academy, and the majority of information we issue to parents, including letters and Student Progress Reports, is via email. Text messages are used for urgent messages and notifications.

The academy uses My Child At School to communicate with parents. This enables all parents to download an Apple or Android app and access a range of additional information including details of achievement points, behaviour points and their child’s timetable. Parents will of course receive any information automatically; the app simply offers a range of additional benefits.

Once installed on a device, parents can log-in using the school ID and a unique username and invitation code, please contact the academy for further details.

ParentPay is the academy’s online system for making payments to the academy.

ParentPay is a nationally recognised, secure online system that allows you to pay the academy for everything from meals to trips. By topping up your account your child can make the most of their break and lunch times. Benefits of the system include:

  • Completely secure and easy to use
  • You can see what food your child has been purchasing
  • Saves you from searching for cash and improves the security of payments
  • If your child receives free school meals you can top this up so they can make a purchase in the morning or at break
  • Pay for trips in affordable installments
  • Support available if you are unsure of how it works.

Please note that only parents of current students are able to log into the My Child At School app.

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