This area on our website has been designed to show all stakeholders how we use feedback and demonstrate the positive impact it has had on the development of our academy.

We are very proud to be ‘Trinity’. We are proud of our school, and of our students. We try hard to do the simple things well, all of the time. We therefore welcome your feedback, whether that be positive feedback or constructive criticism, we use it as a means to continually reflect and improve. We listen, consider the areas for development, and then develop new ways of working to make sure that our students receive the very best educational experience on offer.

We receive feedback in a variety of formats:

Parent/carer questionnaires – the range of questions replicate the Ofsted Parent View questions. We have had thousands of responses from our parents/carers and these prove to be a great help when we are considering how to improve the educational experience of our students.

Student Voice – surveys are carried out with all our students, covering areas from bullying to school lunches, and provision in lessons.

Principal’s Breakfasts – every week a different group of 10 students meet with the Principal or a senior leader to answer a number of questions about our academy provision. Here, discussion-based questioning takes place to ensure students feel relaxed enough to provide honest feedback.

Staff Surveys – we ask about everything from the training we offer to staff welfare, and many areas in-between.

External Reviews – we regularly arrange external reviews on all aspects of our practice, to try to identify areas for improvement.

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