Curriculum Overview - Phase 1

Callum Bennett

Phase 1 Leader

Mr Bennett is your Phase 1 Leader; that means that he looks after you from the moment you get a place at Trinity, all the way through until you start Year 9. Mr Bennett is involved in all areas of your learning; this includes delivering assemblies, organising fun opportunities and school trips, monitoring your progress and, very importantly, making sure that you feel safe and happy whilst in school.

Students have a 25 hour week and study a mixture of maths, English, science, MFL (Spanish or French), geography, history, RS, art, performing arts, music, technology, computing and PE.

Students who need additional literacy support attend English support classes. They miss specific subjects to follow their literacy support following a bespoke curriculum pathway. For more information on this provision please see the separate ‘Student support’ tab.

Phase 1 Curriculum Model:

Non Nurture Nurture
Maths 4 4
English (including Performing Arts) 5 5
Science 3 3
PE 2 2
RS 1 0
History 2 0
Geography 2 0
MFL 2 0
Technology 1 1
Music 1 1
Art 1 1
Computing 1 1
Nurture 0 7
Total hours 25 25
Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Trinity Scholars

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