Year 8 Information, Advice and Guidance

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Welcome to the Year 8 Information, Advice and Guidance page. Here you will find all the information you will need to support your child to choose their option subjects, which they will begin studying at the start of Year 9.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which subjects can my child choose from?

Humanities Option A Carousel


Performing Arts – Acting

Performing Acts – Dance




Design Engineering

Hospitality and Catering

Performing Arts



Technology/Product Design



Select your first choice. Choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice Rank the subjects 1 to 6

Where do I access the Microsoft Form from to support my child to choose option subjects?

The Microsoft Form will be emailed to parents/carers on Friday 12 February.

My child has submitted the form but we have realised we’ve made a mistake. What should we do? 

Email before the deadline for submission (Tuesday 2 March at 9am) and a member of our team will correct this on the system.

What is the deadline to complete the Microsoft Form?

The deadline is Tuesday 2 March at 9am.

Why can my child not pick subjects such as Health and Social Care, Business or Sport? 

Students in Year 8 are given the opportunity to personalise elements of the curriculum. Students will be given the opportunity to select another option subject at the end of Year 9 to study in Years 10 and 11. These subjects are likely to form some of those options available for students to select.

Can my child choose Art, for example, as their Option A and then choose Art on the carousel?

No. If a student chooses Art, for example, as their Option A, they will not study this as part of the carousel. We want to ensure that students have a broad and as varied a curriculum offer as possible.

What is the purpose of the carousel?

The carousel is a part of the Trinity Academy Halifax curriculum that we are proud of. It enables all Year 9 students to choose two creative subjects, in addition to their Option A, to study and enjoy. The focus of each carousel subject is develop the skills and knowledge learned in Years 7 and 8, but also promote enjoyment and engagement.

What is Personal Development?

All students will complete one term, as part of the Carousel, of Personal Development. Personal Development is a 12-week programme in which students will develop a holistic view of health and wellbeing, complete activities to support Trinity Challenge and work towards Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

When are the student live drop-in sessions taking place?

Student live drop-in sessions will take place on Microsoft Teams on:

  • Tuesday 9 February at 10:30am – RB
  • Wednesday 10 February at 10:30am – YG

We would recommend that your child takes part in these sessions.

If I have questions about the subject content of the options available, who can I ask?

Please refer to the guidance in the subject choices booklet or visit the curriculum subjects section of the academy website ( We would also advise that students access the subject promotional videos on Trinity TV which can be found in the ‘On Demand’ folder. If you have further questions after having explored these options, please complete the Microsoft Form and a member of the curriculum team will either:

  • Reply to you via email
  • Book you a video call on Wednesday 24 February

What will my child be studying in their core subjects, such as English and Maths?

Please visit the Curriculum Subjects page on the academy website which provides an overview of the content:

Is the virtual IAG evening a compulsory event for parents/carers?

No. Parents/carers will be invited to attend the virtual IAG evening should they have a question that has not been answered through the IAG process.

My child is currently in the Year 8 Nurture pathway, will they follow the same options process?

Students in Nurture will be contacted by the SEN team to provide further support to guide them through the options process.

Any other query:

Please complete the Microsoft Form and a member of the curriculum team will either:

  • Reply to you via email
  • Book you a video call on Tuesday 9 March
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