Student Leaders

All students have the opportunity in Year 7 to 10 to apply to become a Student Leader. The criteria for this role is that students are to be role models within the academy, with regards to uniform, attitude and effort, attendance and punctuality, respect, and manners.

A team of 12-15 Student Leaders are appointed each academic year to provide support to our pastoral, administrative and curriculum staff; they are the academy’s ‘on the ground’ ambassadors.

Throughout the year, the student leaders will be trained as mental health ambassadors and coordinate and promote whole school and community improvement and fund raising activities.

To date the group have raised money for many charities including the Tanzania girls’ school and Smartmove.

Head Boy and Head Girl

All students in Year 11 are given the opportunity to apply for a role of Head Boy, Head Girl or Student Prefect.

The Head Boy and Head Girl are responsible for leading the Student Leader meetings. These involve leading discussions, fund raising planning, policy discussions, student voice and supporting academy events.

There are also Deputy Head Boy and Girl positions for each of the leadership teams below.


All prefects have designated roles within school linked to their allocated committees. Alongside these roles, prefects also take responsibility for fund raising, policy discussions, supporting events and leading a behaviour duty within the academy.

The Student Prefect Committees include:

  • Student Support Leaders – These students mentor lower school students through Year 7 and 8 to ensure they achieve graduation, alongside being available for drop-in sessions to support other students within the school
  • Student Voice Leaders – These students are responsible for collating students’ requests and suggestions, alongside discussing and planning VT sessions and producing a student-led newsletter. These students also take a lead on all public speaking opportunities
  • Events Team Leaders – These students not only plan the year eleven prom but discuss and plan key events both in and outside of the academy
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